Portofino Sun Center

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

To look your best everyday you must meet every challenge, and there is nothing more challenging than controlling wild and unwanted body hair. Left unchecked, it guarantees embarrassment at the most critical moment.

We understand that you?ve battled with the lotions,the cremes and have quietly resigned yourself to the slavery and cruelties of a razor….or even the indignities of waxing…OUCH!!


Manhattan Laser Hair Removal Center is the trusted leader in PERMANENT medical hair removal in NYC for many years. We are proud to announce our new association with Portofino Sun Centers. As a discerning Portofino tanning client, you are already dedicated to looking and feeling your very best.

To help make this a great year for you along with special pricing, Manhattan Laser Hair Removal Center is inviting all of our Portofino friends to a free information session with a Medical Laser Consultant. You will be amazed to learn how easily you can quickly, painlessly and permanently tame your wilderness.

Our experienced and professional staff at Manhattan Laser Hair Removal Center use only state of the art Medical Laser technology, which is safe for any skin complexion and the most sensitive body areas.

So start this year with a personal gift to yourself by taking advantage of this special limited introduction that we?ve set aside just for our Portofino clients.

It will set you free……Promise.


Pricing is subject to change. Please call us for the most up-to-date information.

one session package of six or make 2 payments
Chin 75 375 200
Upper lip 75 375 200
Full face 150 750 400
Summer special full face 500 300
Chin and lip 100 500 275
Neckline 100 500 275
Ears 50 250 150
Under arms 150 750 400
Bikini line 150 750 400
Full Bikini (or Brazilian) 250 1250 700
Summer special full bikini 1000 550
Bikini line & under arms 250 1250 700
Full bikini & under arms 350 1750 1000
Half legs (upper or lower) 250 1250 700
Full legs 400 2000 1100
Half legs and bikini line 350 1750 1000
Full legs and bikini line 500 2500 1375
Summer special full legs & bikini line 2000 1100
Arms (full) 1250 700 700
Arms (lower or upper only) 150 750 400
Buttock 300 1500 825
Lower back 250 1250 700
Upper back 250 1250 700
Shoulders 200 1000 550
Full back and shoulders 400 2000 1100
Full Chest and Stomach 400 2000 1100