Portofino Sun Center



With Portofino’s airbrush tanning system, a beautician personally applies our high quality spray tanning solution with a feather-soft misting airbrush. With this system, we can fine-tune the solution to match your skin tone, and specifically apply color in areas where you want it most.

You’ll walk out with a gorgeous, golden tan that will last from five to seven days.

The advantages of airbrush tanning

We can highlight hard-to-tan areas (like your legs and arms) while avoiding other areas on the body.

We can fine-tune the solution to match your skin tone.

Our trained beautician can make sure that you receive the proper amount of tanning solution, which helps avoid unevenness.


Single Session 69
1 Hour Rapid 89
5 Sessions 249
10 Sessions 429

*two hour cancellation policy and a $25 no show fee*


Take steps to get your perfect tan

Step One


You must exfoliate your skin on the day of the appointment. Take a shower and use a loofa sponge or a good washcloth to help exfoliate. Your skin should be clean and clear before your application; avoid lotions or moisturizers. We will provide face wash for you. You should shave before your application. Avoid any waxing for at least 48 hours before or after your spray tan.

Step Two

Please allow 30 minutes for the appointment. Our solution has two components. The first provides instant color, while the second will deepen your tan over the next several hours.

Step Three


You may NOT shower or bathe (or do any activity that would cause you to heavily perspire) for six hours after your appointment. Anything that increases your skin?s exfoliation (like swimming, shaving, etc.) will reduce the length of your tan.

Step Four


The color may slightly rub-off on your clothing or bedding, but will easily wash out. ?Tight clothing can minimize the absorption into your skin, so we advise to wear dark, loose-fitting clothing, preferably cotton. Don?t wear nylon, silk, leather and wool for the first 24 hours. We highly recommend using an Extender lotion (available at the front desk) to prolong the life of your Airbrush Tan.

Step Five


Enjoy your beautiful Airbrush Tan!